Bali Rica is a five acre property that’s been lovingly landscaped with indigenous plants and trees including huge Guanacaste trees, fragrant ylang ylang trees, mango trees, mighty stands of bamboo, many types of heliconia flowers, orchids, flowering wild ginger plants and much more. The owners are in the process of turning their property into a botanical garden.

Such lush grounds attract a mesmerizing array of birds including toucans, scarlet macaws, parrots and hummingbirds.

For your enjoyment, the garden is traversed by groomed paths. Roam throughout the property and discover our private creek and duck pond.

The garden is also home to The Namaste Pavilion, an open-sided, teak-floored sanctuary. This is where weekly yoga classes or private classes, by appointment, are available for your wellness and pleasure.  There is also a DVD player and a choice of DVDs. Guests have also used this inspiring space as a painting studio.

Nearby you’ll find The Labyrinth and The Rocks, two outdoor areas designed for calm contemplation.