Mac and Sharon McIver

Originally Mac is from Texas and Sharon is from New Jersey. They met on the island of Andros in the Bahamas and fell in love underwater in the blue seas. In the ensuing years they’ve traveled the world and have now chosen beautiful Costa Rica as their home.

Prior to settling down, they lived for years in Bali where they were enchanted by the graciousness, beauty and style of the island. They have brought these elements to their new home to create Bali Rica. For example, during their last visit to Bali, they designed a traditional Balinese style wooden house. The hand-crafted gem was built on the island then disassembled and shipped to its new home at Bali Rica where you can now stay in the one-of-a-kind Bali House.

Bali Rica is a dream come true for Mac and Sharon and they look forward to sharing it with you.

Our groundskeeper

Mainor is a Costa Rican from the nearby town of Buenas Aires. He is the main man in the garden at Bali Rica and has lived on the premises for approximately four years. He knows the garden well and his expertise is evident.  Mainor speaks only Spanish but communicates well in universal speak and he’s always ready with a smile.  If you encounter him in the garden ask for a “pipa.” Within moments Mainor will find and harvest a ripe coconut for you and open it with his machete with flair before handing you a refreshing (and healthy) natural drink.

Our friendly dogs

Lesper, the St. Thomian terrier, is the aloof grand dame of the pack.  She feigns interest in most happenings but will put on a show to beat the band when encouraged (cheese helps).  Born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, Lesper has blended in well with the jungles of Costa Rica. Though seldom successful, she relishes the hunt of the lizard. She loves to have her belly rubbed.

Rica, the golden retriever, is the youngest of the three.  She was born and bred locally and is proud of it.  “Everyone loves Rica” is her song.  She’s sweet and playful and welcomes new arrivals with the gift of a leaf, or whatever’s handy. She is a retriever, after all.

Daisy is the latest addition to the pack.  She hails from the streets of Uvita, a small town just up the coast. Having spent her early years scratching out a survival as a neglected street dog, Daisy arrived at Bali Rica all skin and bones. Today she has blossomed into an obedient, healthy joy.