Frequently Asked Questions

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How to choose your Wedding Planner?

  • Wedding Planning is an elaborate affair considering the types of weddings we have in India panning over all regions, religions, communities and languages.
  • A wedding in the family is an exciting event for all since it involves putting together a number of elements to the satisfaction of all, to a fixed budget ( Read more... )

Are Haritam Wedding Planners Making a Difference?

  • Wedding and event planning in the past was a pretty simple affair in terms of putting together the various aspects related to it – all you needed was to have finances ready on hand.

  • For example just as you had a ‘Family Doctor’ there was an ‘Aasthaana Cook’, a ‘Family Vadyar’ [ Purohit ], a ‘Family Photographer’, a ‘Family Jeweller’ and other similar service providers.

  • There were known to the family for decades and were treated more like family members. They, in turn, only needed information about an event and would promptly land up to take on their responsibilities and duties without much ado. ( Read More... )

Which services are offered by Haritham Wedding Planners?

Haritham Wedding Planners in Chennai, We offer end to end services that would make you wonder if you are a guest yourself at your family wedding.

  • Catering Services

  • Photography & Videography

  • Décor

  • Hospitality

  • Birthdays party

  • Anniversaries

  • Engagement Venue

  • Invitations

  • Return Gifts

  • Life Events

  • Ticketing & Transportation

  • Miscellaneous Services

  • Thamboolam Bags

  • Music & Entertainment

  • Bridal Services

Are Haritam wedding planners helping to decide on the theme of marriage?

When clients approach us – Haritham Events – as wedding planners one of the basic questions we ask them is – are you going by a theme for the wedding? Many perceive that thematic weddings involve a huge cost factor and hence it is not possible to have one within a limited budget. This is completely wrong. A thematic wedding can be done within any given budget.

Types of wedding planners?

There are three types of wedding planners.

  • The first types gets about arranging services going by the budget given by the client and charges a professional fee for it.
  • The second type gives you innumerable options over a wide budget and lets you choose, which invariably increases your budget.
  • Then there is the third type of wedding planner who takes a personal interest in every project and puts his name and reputation ahead of money and goes all out to understand your needs and works creatively within your scheme of things.

How to look for wedding Venue?

As one of the top wedding planners in Chennai we have had access to all types of wedding venues including Mandapams, Hotels, Resorts and even Palatial Houses. The range we have covered in terms of venues is varied in terms of size, architecture and facilities. The first aspect that every parent looks for after a wedding has been fixed is the venue. The venue of a wedding plays a pivotal role in many ways and the success of a wedding is to a large extent dependent on it.As wedding planners we have observed from experience that a few major points have to be borne in mind while finalizing the venue. For example a few factors may pre determine the choice of venue like status in society, security of guests in case of high profile guest lists, lack of relatives or friends to help in a particular town or city where the wedding has been planned to be held and so on. There are huge and premium venues where it goes without saying that high end weddings of VIPs will be held. But for the normal citizen a few of the following points may help in freezing on the right venue. ( Read More... )

Buffet at Weddings – To Opt or not to Opt?

After extensive research, as wedding planners, we have realized that the option of a buffet is more often a blessing for the caterer and no one else. Buffet is an international concept borrowed and adapted to Indian settings and gained extreme popularity at weddings in the 90’s. Buffets are considered convenient to serve a large contingent of people say at a convention or business conference where constraints of space make this an easy option. ( Read more... )